MCW Stories

On the Ground Witnesses to Global Issues


Many social justice issues are told through third party news outlets and can seem irrelevant to ordinary life. MCW is built on a foundation of making the “local” global through empowerment, development, community and leadership. This blog is a platform where individuals discuss and analyze the issues they care about in their communities.

MCW has a unique network of people all over the world who see under-reported injustice as well as stories of empowerment and exemplary leadership in their community.  Through storytelling, individuals, their communities, and the issues they face become personal and relatable, paving the way for greater understanding. They also have exceptional insight into current events that can be expressed through this platform.

This is a chance for the MCW network to tell their stories to a bigger audience, and to share why they do the work they do in their own words. This is also the opportunity to provide activists and the public in general with another outlet for current events and storytelling. It is a chance for individuals to see the similarities and passion they share which drives them to do incredible work in their communities the world.